onsdag 6. oktober 2010

Don't miss this

Got mah suit back!

Yar finally my drysuit is back, with new Heavy-duty hard-latex cuffs on the wrist and neck! Been waiting for weeks. Went to pick it up earlier today, and BOOYAH - there it was. Costs kinda doubled, seeing as HellyHansen saw it fit to wash and clean it aswell (I didnt friggin' ask for it....-.- )

tirsdag 5. oktober 2010

Being a Divemaster, becoming Instructor

I just signed up for the PADI Instructor course - this means double salary, and moar power (moahahah!). Not to mention easier to get assigned courses, as a divemaster I compete with like 60 others to sign up for the weeks. Looking forward to it in November, will be dark and cold but DEFINATELY worth it in the end.

Ciao lads and lasses!

Oh and btw

Just finished the 2nd season of Big Bang Theory, its the best TV show I know of.. bah-zinga!

mandag 4. oktober 2010

Going down?

So we're up and online, now what?
Here I'll be publishing my underwater adventures, experiences and pictures - maybe even videos and clips from wrecks, reefs and more. Guess the startup is a little bit slow, though.. Winter is coming soon, the wind and water has long since gone cold - and my beloved drysuit is away for maintenance. The visibility will be awesome though! :D
But still... wetsuit-diving during summer is waaaay better! :p